What are your thoughts on gay couples and marriage?

I love gay people and believe they should get married. People think that since I’m a Jesus freak that I should hate them because it’s not apart of my beliefs but God loves us all no matter what!

Just gonna answers a few questions I always get

1) do you ever look at your cut scars and hate yourself for it?
-well I only have a few left because I put coco butter on the other ones and they went away, but before I did that and to the scars I have left yes I hate looking at them. It makes me hate myself even more and it makes me feel stupid.

2) when was the last time you tried to kill yourself?
-a few weeks before graduation

3) how have you tried?
-pills and jumping

4) have you ever has suicide thoughts since your last attempt?
-honestly yes. Just last weekend I had thoughts… I have them all the time I just have to remind myself that I’m better than that.